Green infrastructure is a system which contains natural, semi-natural or ecological areas which ensure that living conditions for people and nature are maintained and improved in both rural and urban areas. Comparable to the technical infrastructure such as supply and disposal, traffic, etc., the green infrastructure offers services within the ecosystem. And, similar to the technical infrastructure, investments must be made in green infrastructure in order to maintain it or to adapt it to social and natural requirements.

With the densification of cities and the increasing functionalization of landscapes (agriculture and forestry for services of general interest, agricultural areas as energy generation areas for photovoltaics, etc.), natural and near-natural areas are assuming increasingly important functions in the sense of an “eco-service”. Climate changes and their ecological and economical consequences require the preservation, strengthening and expansion of green areas of any kind.

Green infrastructure is to be understood as a system or as a green network which serves the ecosystem as well as the well-being of humans. It is able to complete several functions and is therefore capable of showing both ecological and economical but also social effects:

  • Resilience to climatic influences (climate adaption), protection against extreme events (flooding, drought, heat)
  • Preservation and development of biodiversity (flora, fauna)
  • A place to stay for relaxation, sport and communal experiences
  • Soft location factor for cities and municipalities, making urban quarters, living and working environments more attractive

In practice and in concrete terms on the field of work of AGU | Goldmann landscape architecture, we deal with:

  • Roof greening: extensive and / or intensive roof greening
  • Rainwater management: infiltration and / or storage of rainwater
  • Biotope development: species protection and development of natural green areas and their maintenance
  • Relaxation areas: green areas close to residential areas and neighbourhoods, playgrounds and sports fields, city squares, areas for the community in residential complexes
  • Facade greening