Berlin Treptow-Köpenick , Köpenicker Landstraße 297

Project details

Construction project South-east-connection, compensatory and alternative measures
Owner District office Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin
Size of outdoor installation approx. 10.000 m²
  • coverage of soil remediation
  • compensatory and alternative measures
  • habitat for lizards
  • cycle path along the shore
  • Planned: movement and sports area
Construction costs 468.000,00 EUR
Construction cost index 46,80 EUR/m²
Completion 02 / 2021

Creation of a lizard habitat

The sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) is a strictly protected species (according to Sections 44 and 45 NBatSchG in conjunction with Annex IV FFH-RL). In case of construction measures that come into conflict with the occurrence of sand lizards, alternative locations are often needed for the animals as their survival is often no longer guaranteed at the old location.  

In this case, the lizard habitat at the SOV serves as an early compensation measure for future projects. In the green area, an area has been designated on which favourable conditions for the settlement of sand lizards have been created. The specific area is exposed to the sun and has been equipped with different small structures. Open pioneer and semi-dry lawn areas alternate with open gravel areas in which tree trunks and tree roots are embedded. Shrubs offer retreats; the subsoil is suitable for hibernation.  

A fence separates the lizard habitat from the green areas and is intended to prevent the area from being entered and the animals being disturbed. We hope that this will be respected by the population.